Don’t be scared of computers: face YOUR fears!

September 29th, 2011 posted by admin

I am now going to make an admission which would probably stun my boss…so it’s a good job he is illiterate and doesn’t bother reading his minions blogs, right? Only kidding Dave! I love you really!

The admission is this: I am hopeless with computers…yes I can work Facebook and use email, but that doesn’t mean much in today’s amazing techno land of marvels that even kids can operate, right?

Except the thing is, I bumped into an old friend in the street – a tech friend – and the following conversation ensure:

Her: “Hey, how are you? Where do you work now?”

Me: “Oh, not bad, still slaving away. I work at an IT firm.”

Her: “Great! Me too! What software you using?”

you CAN learn about computers. Stop being afraid. The only person stopping you is YOU!

Then it hit me: I really didn’t know the name of it. I could just about work it…something like XZ complete recruitment software package …but that was all I could remember. My old friend looked positively mortified with me, as if to say “YOU’RE recruiting people? You can’t even recruit yourself!” And I didn’t blame her. It was pretty tragic. In my position I was supposed to be the one telling others what to do!

Anyway, the point of all this is that I, don’t laugh, enrolled in a local course for senior citizens and those who aren’t great with computers. Everyone in the room was much older than me and knew much more.

I should also explain something: much of my work is about communicating with people, not actually handling computer stuff. Thank God…

My findings from doing the course? I reckon I am cracking it. It was a bit intimidating at the beginning, but soon enough I was getting the hang of it and getting to grips with things which had terrified me before. It felt like a serious breakthrough.

The best bit? Well, the next week my boss asked me to do a presentation with out software. And, while I will admit that I was no threat to Steve Jobs, I was on the ladder, and people liked the way I explained things.

Which meant something useful had gone in!

So the message here is simple: you CAN learn about computers. Stop being afraid. The only person stopping you is YOU!

(Update: there are now free courses in most libraries in England. Just visit yours or email them to find out more information and see when the next one is starting. Sometimes they are even one-to-one, which is pretty fantastic because it means you really get the most out of it.

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